This page contains links to useful resources from our lab and others.

Our Research

  • Eavesdropping on Birds – an accessible introduction to our lab’s approach to bioacoustic monitoring and analysis, written by Tessa Rhinehart
  • USFWS blog post – a summary of our work monitoring songbird populations in restored central Pennsylvania forests, posted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast
  • Washington Post article – an overview article on the use of bioacoustics for bird conservation, with quotes from Justin


  • OpenSoundscape – our lab’s open source package for bioacoustic analysis (GitHub repo)
  • AudioMoth Setup Guide – instructions for setting up and configuring AudioMoth recorders, written by Tessa Rhinehart in our lab (Open Acoustic Devices now has a shorter guide based on this material on their website)
  • AudioMoth Performance Testing – information on the acoustic performance of AudioMoth recorders in different orientations and housing options, written by Sam Lapp in our lab
  • Open Acoustic Devices – the designers of the AudioMoth field recorder, see also the Hill et al 2018 paper
  • Lila.bc – collection of publicly available labeled biodiversity data sets, camera trap and acoustics, maintained by our colleague Dan Morris at Microsoft
  • – large online community with ecology/conservation tech discussions

Data Science

Some Collaborators and Supporters