Current Lab Members

Justin Kitzes
Justin KitzesAssistant Professor
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I am a spatial macroecologist and conservation biologist, with a particular interest in biodiversity scaling and turnover. My work involves both theoretical prediction and empirical surveys of these patterns, as well as direct applications of this information to the practice of conservation in human-altered landscapes.
Lauren Schricker
Lauren SchrickerGraduate Student
Lauren is a Ph.D. student leading our field work on landscape-scale bird and amphibian distributions.
Tessa Rhinehart
Tessa RhinehartResearch Programmer
Tessa is a Research Programmer working on our bird call classification software.
Lauren Chronister
Lauren ChronisterUndergraduate Researcher
Lauren is an Ecology & Evolution major assisting with our fieldwork and bird song templates.
Anna Lippert
Anna LippertUndergraduate Researcher
Anna is a Biology major who is assisting with our fieldwork and bird song templates.
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Lab Alumni

Undergraduate Students

  • Jack Challiet, University of Chicago, 2018
  • Aaron Lauer, Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 2018
  • Tanvi Merengenti, Carnegie Mellon University, 2018
  • Madoc Smith, Mathematical Biology, University of Pittsburgh, 2018
  • Kyle Walters, Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh, 2017-2019
  • Lydia Zimmerman, Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 2018-2019