Field Assistant position available

The Kitzes Lab at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Biological Sciences ( is seeking a Field Assistant to assist with research studying the spatial distributions of bird and bat species at landscape scales.

The Kitzes Lab is currently placing autonomous acoustic recorders throughout landscapes in western Pennsylvania to record ambient sounds. This data is then processed to identify the species present near each recorder and their relative activity levels, which we analyze to determine the factors that influence where organisms are found and why.

The primary responsibilities of the field assistant will include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting graduate students in the deployment and retrieval of acoustic recording devices in the field, which are used to study spatial distributions of bird and bat species
  • Assisting in processing the data collected by these recorders.

Training will be provided, and applicants may have the ability to expand tasks to include greater responsibilities.

This position is available initially for one year, with an extension for a second year available pending a positive first-year review. We may be able to provide flexibility in work hours and location, if requested by applicants.

For more information, and to apply for the position, please visit

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